In yesterday's blog, Ken Cooke, Co-Founder of How to Who, highlighted how CRM systems should be used as a powerful intelligence tool, that has significant impact upon sales performance, by helping salespeople to really engage with their targets. 

He explains how many salespeople see CRM as nothing more than a contact data repository and therefore don't advocate or maximise their use.

In the B2C space, we know how powerful the data held by Google, Amazon, Facebook etc can be. Every day, we are presented with 100's (possibly 1,000's) of sales signals which have been crafted by these organisations, based on our behaviour and profile.

How powerful would it be if your CRM system, combined with lots of data, could do the same in B2B? 

If your organisation isn't there already, it could be quite quickly. Data science plus AI and other initiatives is making this happen, today!