Whilst they may not all have the resources to implement it, the vast majority of Marketeers that we speak to, understand about Marketing Automation and the benefits of targeting specific content towards a specific audience (personas).

Advances in Data Analytics / Business Intelligence technologies are now enabling us to take that a stage further. 

These technologies allow us to find "Perfect Partners" for IT Vendors and Distributors or to identify "Perfect" End User Prospects for Resellers, based on the Technologies that they are already using. 

This analysis enables the Marketing team to get even more specific. For example the message below can be targeted at Manufacturing companies, within a certain postal region, revenues over £50million and where we already know what ERP and Database Technologies they are using: 

"Using SAP & Oracle to improve productivity in Manufacturing? Our document management solution can reduce the time from design to production by 35%"  

They could get even more specific and only target companies where OPEX per head is an issue and they are likely to be receptive to messages about efficiency.

Of course, this level of analysis has always been possible, by doing months of due diligence, however, platforms like IQBlade are now enabling it to happen at scale, in a fraction of the time.